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Wood Wax for Cutting Boards


Stag’s End Wood Wax is made from 100% natural bee’s wax and oil made from plant-based materials.  Our wax makes a great choice for conditioning all of your wooden kitchen items, and it’s also eco-friendly for added peace of mind when used on wood surfaces and products. Best applied on to your wood products on a monthly basis.  This wood wax requires only clean cloths for application to make the process fast and simple. When you want a natural shine that lasts, Stag’s End wood wax is your best choice. For the best results you should first clean all food from your cutting board then wash in your sink with a mild liquid soap.  Be sure not to submerge the cutting board in the water.  After you have washed the board with mild soap, use warm water to rinse all soap from the cutting board. Gently dry your cutting board with a lint free towel and place it on it’s edge to dry.  If you lay it flat on the counter to dry there is a chance it will not dry evenly and may retain water.  After about 30 minutes you may now apply a light coat of Stag’s End Wood Wax to your cutting board.  Let the was absorb into the wood again for about 30 minutes.  you may now remove any excess wood wax and gently buff the surface to restore it’s original color.


Stag’s End Wood Wax provides the shine of wax and the long-term water protection of oil for versatility in use. Perfect for use on any raw wood furniture or your Stag’s End cutting boards and butcher blocks. Easy application and smooth coverage make this wood wax simple to use.

Stag’s End Wood Wax is not just for cutting boards.  Our wood wax is ideal for all of your wooden kitchen utensils.   This would include but not limited to wooden bowls, wooden platters, wooden jars, wooden plates and wooden salad sets.  Our wax  is 100% food safe and ideal for all your wooden kitchen products.

Size:  8 oz.

Ingredients:  100% natural food grade products

Made in the USA