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Cutting Boards That Last Generations

Meet Brian

An Arkansas native, Brian Rogers has many titles. He’s a financial accountant. He’s a financial analyst. He’s a craftsman. He’s a father. He’s a devout Christian. And he’s managed to combine all his loves and talents into one thriving business: Stag’s End.

People often wonder why the name, “Stag’s End”. This was inspired by a Legend from Brian’s Scottish roots. In the 13th century, Kenneth of Kintail was in a royal hunting party when a wounded stag charged the King. Kenneth shouted, “save the king” and shot the stag. As a result, the King awarded Kenneth the Stag’s head as his crest. History was changed when one man “Ended” the “Stag” to save the king. Thus, the name “Stag’s End”.

Brian’s love for the outdoors and nature began during his childhood when he would spend weekends camping in the woods of Arkansas. Brian has a passion for perfection and the desire to create products that exceed his customers’ expectations. Brian personally selects each piece of raw wood that will eventually be use in his cutting boards. He frequently oversees the initial cuts of each board to ensure that the quality of the grain meets his personal standards before being selected for use in his cutting boards.

When Brian is not in his shop making saw dust (man glitter), he is either spending time with his two amazing children or unwinding at his computer. While Brian’s degree in Business Finance initially led him down the corporate path, he decided that being a Controller was not the career he wanted. Nowadays, Brian enjoys sanding and gluing more than financial investments and corporate acquisitions.

“I sincerely hope that you enjoy using my cutting boards as much as I enjoyed making them.”

Cutting Wood for Edge Grain Board