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Cutting Boards Made in the North Dallas Market

What Is An Edge Grain Cutting Board And Are They Available Near Ft Worth, TX?

Stag’s End makes Edge grain cutting boards in the North of Dallas, TX and will ship to you in just a few days.  Our beautiful edge grain cutting boards can be delivered to Ft Worth, TX once your order is placed.  While we may not be across the street from you the power of the internet allows us to be near Ft Worth, TX and and support you locally. Ft Worth, TX is an important market for Stag’s End and we want your business.

Our Edge Grain boards are made by cutting wood strips from the edge of a board and arranging the long strips into a unique pattern. By using the edge grain of a tree, you get a cutting board that has long bold strips of color. Since the cutting board is constructed form long strips of wood the wood must be dense and able to withstand the edge of a knife. Therefore, only American, or exotic hardwoods should be used in the construction of edge grain cutting boards.

Our Edge Grain Cutting Board are often less expensive than our end grain cutting board.  The end grain cutting board usually require more wood, takes longer to construct, and require more man of construction. The edge grain cutting board will also be lighter and easier to handle. Additionally, an edge grain cutting board will require less board maintenance over the life of the board.

Many people choose an edge grain cutting board because of its pattern and color. Edge grain cutting boards are often quite beautiful in their contrasting colors and patterns. At Stag’s End, every edge grain cutting board is inspected at every step of production to ensure it is the highest quality board and meets the owners’ high standards.  Our Stag’s End Cutting boards are as near Ft Worth, TX as the UPS truck an a couple days shipping. See our Inventory.

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How We Make Edge Grain Cutting Board Made For Customers In Ft Worth, TX?

Once our wok craftsman decides on the pattern and style for the edge grain cutting board the raw wood is cut into long strips of varying thickness. Each strip of wood is then made perfectly square by using a planer. Once planed, the wood is then sanded on a belt sander to insure uniform thickness of each wood strip. The strips of wood are then arranged into the desired pattern and glued together using a food safe wood glue.

Once glued, strips are compressed tightly together using a large, commercial clamping system. They are now set aside for a day or two to completely dry. Once dry they are removed from the clamping system and sanded again. The sanding process continues for quite some time as it will involve large belt sanders, rotary sanders, and finally professional hand sanding. The edge grain boards must be sanded until they achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

The boards are now immersed into a bath of mineral oil and set aside to dry for 24 hours. This process is repeated a second time to ensure the edge grain cutting board is fully treated to the high standards of Stag’s End. Many other cutting board companies only hand wipe their boards with oil which only provides limited protection to the boards.

The finished edge grain cutting board is now ready for a final buffing and then wrapped in butcher paper and sent to packaging to be shipped to Ft Worth, TX. We work hard to ensure each edge grain cutting board is the highest quality and provides years of cutting pleasure our customers in Ft Worth, TX.

What are the Advantages of an Edge Grain Cutting Board?

One of the primary advantages to purchasing an edge grain cutting board is the price. Edge grain cutting boards usually require less wood in the construction as well as less construction time. This results in a more affordable board. Edge grain cutting boards are often priced only 30% to 40% when compared to an edge grain cutting board.

Edge grain cutting boards usually require less maintenance. While you still want to occasionally give your edge grain cutting board a rub down with Stag’s End Wood Wax, it isn’t as necessary as with an end grain cutting board. The exposed end grains of the end grain cutting board need frequent applications of wood wax to ensure the end grain cutting board does not dry out and begin to lose its shape.

Edge grain cutting boards are ideal not only for preparation of fruits and vegetables but also for presentation. An edge grain cutting board can often double as a makeshift charcuterie board. Additionally, the edge grain cutting board is often thinner and more lightweight than an end grain cutting board. Edge grain cutting boards typically weigh about 6-9 pounds compared to 12-18 pounds for an end grain cutting board.